Sunday, November 28, 2004

Holidays is to release my stress

Todays holiday, Friday night go out drink beer with Meegan, so after back home and sleep. saturday feel so comfortable no need wake up early to work and around 10 sth only i open my eye but keep lying on bed, and i guess its really a comfortable and enough rest.

After i wash my dear little kancil, noon, i go have lunch with meegan, and later that she come to my house watch movie and borrow some cd with me. I guess both of us same, is boring and "wu liao" punya people. haha.

At night, i start doing on task given by the Jason, which is the CEO of the e-global. I refer to the poor designed web url he given to me, and start designing a new layout for it. I spend times on doing research, surfing, observing and analyzing others website to get ideas. then only i start doing on it.

Mid night 3sth. Finish the web, then i played online game . until early morning only i get on to my bed and slept.

Sunday i 12 sth only wakeup, then called Jason just to remind him i already send out the mail to him. I met Siew Chan online, and she asked me to join her and her bf at somewhere near old klang road. So i drived out and joined them for lunch and we chat also, that time raining quite heavy. (-.-") :S. 4 sth i back home.

Arrived home. Lying on bed but accidently fall asleep (-.-") until 7 sth only woke up . then i rushed out to my grandpa's house because i had promised to my mom to have dinner at there.
Nothing special in these 2 days. but at least i felt i spent times doing soemthing different from my normal days. i released my stress. :)

= Copyright by Joseph Ohlian =

Friday, November 26, 2004

2 in 1 Blog

Yesteday didnt type blog, so today replace :P, yesterday i got a phone call from E-global and ask me to interview on friday but he need i come on friday morning ... shit ~~~ i got work ler~.but any way quite happy cause got this kind of interview.

At night meeting cancel, but i still stuck on my work till 7 sth on can back home.
today early morning i lie to annie that i met an accident .. so i took half day leave, and go e-global interview. I feel happy and nice to chat with the CEO who call Jason.

hmmmm guess that i quite confident with this interview, before leaving he give me a small task and ask me to design a layout just to test me. i am happy with that .
i back to my office at noon.

really a bz day today.
at night i have dinner with meegan, and we chat and chat from 8 sth till11 sth.

= Copyright by Joseph Ohlian =

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Give u a sweet and work as a guli

Early morning arrive office, Lyndon ask me to have a short conversation. he said that i am in 4th month already and now since that jenny have this kind of personal problem. so i will take over all her job. and mention that they are going to comfirm me soon. AND IF I CAN PUT MORE EFFORT AND DONE WELL, AFTER 2 MONTH COMFIRMATION THEY WILL GIVE ME ADDITIONAL RM100. shit~~ talk alot alot .. then finally conclusion is ... after 2 month only add me rm100 ???
he tought rm100 so big ah ?

What the fucking thing ~. he tought me kid ah .. give me a sweet and ask me put more effort to do this and that, now i didnt put alot effort meh?? .. he didnt say this i still ok .. now suddenly he told m this ??? fuck la .. i "fire" pun sudah datang.

Evening ask me to go into room have brief meeting again .. 10 minute meeting dont know y ... talk and talk and talk until 8 oclock only can back home ..... (-.-") somemore in the meeting still want to remind me wat he morning told me .. and ask me put more effort to it and make sure everything go smooth and do well. fuck~.

after the meeting i abit geram. and go have dinner with my colleages. i drunk also.
When driving back, feel abit unwell like fever, and i did stoppped my car and vomit at roadside.
Now after bath feel better abit, but think back really holy shit fucking company.

Wish to get somebody to chat ... express my unhappiness... but i found nobody... feel lonely ... and helpless... mood so down...

Tomorrow another new bz day again.

= Copyright by Joseph Ohlian =

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

F Day

Yesterday is a busy day, busy in office life also busy in my personal time. Jenny have to pass all her work to me .. cause she wont be around in few days later, to settle up her personal problem, the disgusting guy. so as a Multi-Tasking Super Designer... start from today / tomorrow i will take over all her job.
ohly shit~~~ (-.-")

Yesterday night after back from work, i go have dinner with Agnes, long time no see her. hmmm she said she de-grow already ... hehee but in my eye .. she never changes , same image in mine, then we eat at "kuchai corner" until 8sth. hahaha.

Because of lznk and fuiyen going to travel overseas today. so yesterday night after i have dinner with Agnes, i went to kajang with all my friends, pj drive me go there and also saw Siew Chan too , hmm also long time no see her. and wowow she drive Honda Jazz :P/ nice car . After that she fetch me back around 12.

Today early morning, i quite rushing of my MMS stuff, but because of Annie/Jenny they have to brief me on my work , like wat i say cause I ma going to take over all jenny work for coming few weeks untill few months, so i have to put all my work and listen in the same time in my mind ... holy shit lor ... i will be damn bz .... hai .... suddenly i feel myself ... "damn bored when in holiday , damn geram and lost temper when in working ...." hai ....its because of too much of work ... i guess if i manage to cope my job, then maybe i can ask for higher salary from my boss.

I suppose to go for an interview at 7 in Damansara Intan, but i lost my way ... finally i phone to the person in charge and ask to change the date till Friday.
Now typing blog, later going to edit my portfolio, people always looking for betetr offer ma ... Siew Chan introduce me to her bf, to join her bf's company, so i must addoil lol~.

= Copyright by Joseph Ohlian =

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Saturday + Sunday

People always tought that holiday suppose to have alot of entertainment plan, but these 2 day for me ... damn boring day. yesterday i forgot to type blog , cause i slept early at 9sth. really a good boy.

Actually that is accidently fall aslept. Haha, then next day i woke up at 10 sth. in the morning. a nice and comfortable rest.

Both of the day i also just stay at home . doing nothing .saturday evening i went out with Meegan and go drink "tong shui" at OUG plaza. but i just able to finish half .. cause .... too sweet for me ... and i almost diet on saturday cause i not even have a proper meal on that day . i woke up noon then i skip my breakfast and lunch, just ate some cookies... mom didnt cook my dinner . so ? eat myself maggie mee. hmmm . poor ...

Same with saturday, my sunday life at home . i spend almost whole afternoon chating gossip/38 things with meegan. and doing nothing. Feel myself like wasting time . but what else can do. lazy la...

tomorrow back to work. alot of thing awaiting me back to do.
Jenny send me a msg, her ex is going to report her to immigration, cause she works without permit ... really a damn disgusting guy. she want to breakup with that guy, and that guy warned her and wanna report to immigration officer... now she is really headache and upset ...i also dont knwo how to comfort her...she told me maybe tomorrow she will go to immegration or china embassy to settle her prob as soon.
Just bless her...

= Copyright by Joseph Ohlian =

Friday, November 19, 2004

Try Make a HabiT of Bloging.

Early morning after i reach office, i settle all my artwork .. then around 10 i start reformat jackson's laptop, cause this laptop start to bring up alot of trouble, and boss did ask me to help to settle the laptap long time ago.. but i really no time ... so today i go settle it or else boss will keep bla bla bla to me .. (dont know when .. my post also become IT Support in the company (-.-"), really Multi-tasking design).avoid.. avoid...

Noon after lunch with Choo Chian Siong.. keep rushing on some old artwork, and designing new artwork. I guess hmm ... today is the most efficient day to me. haha :D cause i finish alot of artwork t before i leave office in evening.

In the sametime when working .. i chat with Meegan. haha 2 "38" guy and gal chating alot of 38 things/ gossip today. i guess we 2 almost crazy liao... chat until i back home at 7.
Night i came out have a cup of tea with Kun Chai, from yesterday only i realize he is back from Sarawak, and recently working as DTP in Kuchai's one of the printing company. long time didnt see him, quite surprise .. of couse he still doing design and he seem getting more fat liao. really doesnt look like an artist. haha a drawing artist. (he draw very well). :D

= Copyright by Joseph Ohlian =

Thursday, November 18, 2004


2nd day typing blog, today i took my lunch time rushing out to interview the post as a web designer. The company call Inity, and located in Park View, at the starting i still afraid of i couldnt find that place .. but ... rupa-rupanya also quite easy to find wa... but if u asking me whether got confident with myself in this interview of not ... er... i also not sure .. leave it the the person la.

12:40 i rush back to my office .. and Annie still havent back from appointment yet hehe so glad and lucky .. but suddenly .. i saw Yan Min ... she seem not really well... i heard sth. in her phone chat... her mother met accident....

Evening meeting, today unexpectedly so fast. just 7 o'clock already can leave. hehehe. but after meeting end. boss ask me stay and go to his room. and asking me how long been i work for this comp .. and bla bla bla.. and say wanna comfirm me soon . cause actually i got potential bla bla bla.... i wondering izit he know my plan to leave ?? how come suddenly today talk so much good work to me de ... . and told me they will adjust my post and bring me to higher level, keep asking me work hard.. (-.-") .... hmmm ...

Fion call me and ask me to go fetch her back after her dance class ... :S .... actually i quite lazy to fetch her .. cause i already at home .. some more need to ask me out again and fetch her back Puchong .. damn far .... troublesome... but as long as not always .. suan le ba ... just fetch la ...

Sometime i curious gal's emotion .. y always go up and down .. and make me geram ... huh~~... dont want to mention is who la .. but just abit bu shuang

= Copyright by Joseph Ohlian =

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Back to work after Deepa Raya

After some holidays, today back to work, curious how come boss so noisy, today first day back to work i starting to feel some stress again.

Same as usual in the same time when i work i chat, today i chat with saibee, prue and sam, chating make time pass easily. Happy cause today chat alot with ah sai bee. :P .

6:30pm i suppose to back home, but my boss stopped me and we start discussing the mobile content's selling strategy... again and again, he keep mentioned about what i earned for company not able to cover wat company pay to me those expenses... quite geram and wondering wat the real thing he wanna told me. I not really wish to get fired but i sure he wont fire me cause he need me but if really so unsatisfied with me....with my work..... then (in my mind) ... i suggest why dont just "close" the media department since that he really dont have anyone who able to manage this part and this department is not earning any money. Now i spend most of my time supporting the integrated side for advertisement design, i also quite lazy to take care of media side...

Tomorrow work ... alot of thing need to be settle ... hai .. tomorrow meeting .. i guess i will again be the "main actor". cause i am Multi-Tasking Super Designer ma .... haha.
Tomorrow lunch time i go interview to another comp . good luck ohlian.

= Copyright by Joseph Ohlian =
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